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Happy Chuseok today~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!

Also……Today is our 200th day anniversary
Kya~~~~I’m happy because our fans make us 1st at ‘supporting rank’ again as a presentㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
I’ll just shortly say a thank you message then leave^^
Because we still have numerous days ahead of us so, let’s make a lot of happy and joyful time~



[T/N: Minhyun left another post (only his signature, no message) after this one]

[TRANS] Aron’s Chuseok Message

Hello everyone~
This is NU’EST oldest hyung, Aron (Arong)!
Finally..It’s Chuseok! Woo!^^
Play with family, and eat a lot~ of delicious food~
Please give a lot of love to NU’EST!
And please give a lot of support to Aron~ㅋㅋ
I love you~

[TRANS] Ren’s Chuseok Message

Hello ^-^
This is NU’EST REN~!
It’s already! Chuseok! Spend Chuseok holiday well~!
Don’t be sick! Stay healthy~
Spend Chuseok happily with the family, and don’t forget to make a wish as looking at the fullmoon~ I love you.

[TRANS] Minhyun’s Chuseok Message

Hello~ This is Minhyun~
This is our first Chuseok after debut. Please congratulate us~^
Spend the Chuseok holiday with family well,And at Chuseok Holiday, as looking at the fullmoon, please make a wish so that NU’EST can show up more cool vibe ~ I love you

[TRANS] JR’s Chuseok Message

Hello. We’re Urban Electro Band NU’EST. It’s finally our 200 days anniversary..But..We can’t meet LOVEs because it’s Chuseok..
Although We’re preparing a lot of things, it’s a pity that we couldn’t do the promotion..Because at Chuseok, LOVEs must spend it with family~ So, we push back the promotion. And, there’ll be Birthday party soon~ You know that we hold it right~ I believe there are a lot of LOVEs who’ll come!! Haha..And We practice hard just as how much LOVEs waiting for us~ We’ll show a good vibe so please wait for a bit although you miss us~ You know my heart right~? This has been Leader JR who love all LOVEs.